4 Tips For Stress Free Potty Training

Potty training is one of those milestones that, like it or not, every parent has to face. The thought of it can be quite daunting – another aspect added to the daily challenge of looking after of a toddler. However, when approached in the right way, potty training doesn’t have to be that difficult and can actually turn into a fun activity as your child learns to use a potty for themselves.

#1 Know when they are ready

Most children will start potty training between 18-30 months, but every child is different. If your little one knows when they need to go to the toilet or are having a consistently dry nappy throughout the day, then this could be a sign that they need to move on to a potty. Try leaving their nappy off during the day and introducing them to the potty to see how they take to it. If they aren’t ready, don’t worry – just try again in a few weeks.

#2 Personalise your potty

Letting your child help choose a fun potty is a great way to make them feel part of the process, and My Carry Potty is a popular choice for this. Available in a range of designs, this easily portable potty is perfect for when your child needs to use the toilet while out and about or when staying overnight somewhere. It’s odour-proof and leak proof with no disposable bags, simply empty when you need to.

#3 Accidents can happen

No parent on earth has ever claimed that there hasn’t been a few accidents while potty training their child. Accidents can happen, even when you think they’ve almost cracked it for good, and this can be frustrating. Don’t let your child see that you are frustrated though as this could worry and upset them, making it more likely to happen again. Just let them know that you would like them to use the potty next time.

#4 Make it fun

Potty training doesn’t have to feel like a chore – there are plenty of ways to make the process fun for kids. Having some special toys or books next to the potty that are only for these times can make children look forward to using it and make sure they have less accidents by keeping them entertained and stopping them from wandering off. You could even invest in a copy of a special book about potty training!

Do you have any top tips for successful potty training?

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