13 Tips For Travelling With Kids!

If you have a summer getaway planned or just fancy a few days out you’ve got to check out these fabulous tips for travelling with little ones including talcum powder as sand remover!

#1 Baby powder

It’s the best way of brushing sand off little people. The powder absorbs any water in the sand and then it brushes off them easily against their soft skin.

#2 Pack a bit of everyone’s clothes and belongings into each of the suitcases if you’re flying

That way if any of your luggage goes astray you’ll have enough things to last you a few days to get you by!

#3 Zip lock freezer bags

Great for packing snacks when out and about and if you’re self catering using instead of cling film and foil to wrap food items.

#4 Buy a cheap paddling pool

Before you go or whilst you’re there. Great to have on the beach so little ones have water to play with next to you rather than running back and forth to the sea constantly.

#5 Buy buckets, spades, noodles at your destination

They are usually stocked in every shop or supermarket and very reasonably priced and saves room (and weight) in the suitcase for other essentials.

#6 Invest in a proper UV sun shade for the buggy or beach

Draping a towel or blanket over the buggy keeps the sun off but increases the heat inside the buggy. Best of all park up in the shade and allow a breeze to circulate the buggy if little ones are sleeping.

#7 Give older children a ‘holiday journal’

They can write about their holiday (if old enough) or younger children will enjoy drawing pictures or sticking bits and bobs in that they find from their holiday adventures. (Don’t forget to pack a glue stick, sellotape, safety scissors, and pens/crayons)

#8 Anti bac wipes and sanitiser gel

Great for wiping just about anything and keeping any holidays germs at bay.

#9 Take your time

…and allow plenty of time when travelling. Kids, and being in a rush don’t mix well and will make it stressful for all of you!

#10 Get Appy

…and pre-load age appropriate apps for your children on iPhones or iPads. Although nothing beats a crayon and some paper some situations this isn’t going to work and it can be a god send when you’re needing them to sit still for some time. Eg: collecting car hire, plane journeys, restaurants.

#11 Long car journeys: take a potty

…(or portable potty) with you and consider putting newly trained toddlers in pull ups. It can save a lot of clearing up and panic when they shout out that they need a loo, and there’s no where to pull over!

#12 Baby wipes

Your kids may well be out of nappies but baby wipes are essentials in moping up spills, cleaning tables, sticky fingers, cutlery – you name it, a baby wipe will clean it!

#13 Take your own fitted cot sheet for travel cots if traveling with babies

Most hotels/villas will supply them but 9 times out of 10 it will be a flat sheet and your baby will end up waking up a sweaty mess stuck to the plastic mattress as it isn’t secure enough to stay in one place!

Blog by Louisa x