12 Ideas for Outside Fun!

A post from the archives as the weather will be nice this weekend.  12 simple ways to have fun outside. Have fun, and remember to let us know how you go on via Facebook.

Hide and Seek
Simple but fun, choose to play this outside in the garden.
Simon Says
A traditional favourite, it’s a great game to play outside. Combine it with activities that keep your little ones moving. You can even get your little angels to do some garden jobs if you plan what simon says!
Marble Run
This is a great activity to do outside. Gather together all that recycling you’ve been saving and get the kids to create a monster marble run across the garden.
A classic. Gather the whole family together and play It. A great way to give the kids a run around and wear them out ready for a good nights sleep (we hope).
Cats Cradles
A simple game for everyone. All you need is some wool or string and maybe a few tips. Take a look at You tube for some visuals.
Daisy Chains
One of my favourites. Get the little ones to gather up a pot of daisies each then help them make the longest chain ever.
Den Building
Take a walk in the woods and build a Den, hours of fun to be had. Add a picnic to eat inside once you’ve finished.
Balloon Bop
An easy game of all ages. Take some balloons along to the park and encourage the kids to keep it in the air for as long as possible.
Egg And Spoon Race
A sports day classic but also great fun to do in the park or back garden. Take some eggs (remember to boil them first) and some rounded spoons and have fun.
Grab a long skipping rope and teach the kids all the tricks, if your en expert you can even do two ropes at a time – classic.
Hula Hoop
Great fun and can be done in a small space. remember success is all in the hips, small circles drawn with your hips keep the hoop up for a long time.
Bug Hunt
Gather everyone up and see what bugs are lurking outside. Use empty yogurt pots to collect your bugs (they are easier to see against the white plastic) and then try and identify them. Remember to return them outside once you’re done.