10 Quick Tips To Help Mummies Lose Weight

Here at Mummies club we are always thankful for any tips to help keep us in shape, which is why, we are so excited to have found a fitness company who solely works with AND understands Mummies. Based here in Guildford, Melita Fitness, run by the fabulous Christine Sciberras provide classes, personal training and running groups. We asked Chris to come up with her top 10 Tips to help us Mummies lose weight. Here’s what she had to say…

Have you been struggling to lose weight, perhaps never quite lost all of the pregnancy pounds? Or has weight been gradually creeping up over the years? Do you find the amount of information on nutrition to be confusing and contradictory? If so, read on…

1.Nutrition comes first:-

You can’t train your way out of a bad diet. But you can easily undo a good gym session by eating the wrong foods. So before you buy that gym pass consider the contents of your cupboards. Are there easy-grab biscuits and crisps stashed away leading you into temptation? Do you have healthy meals and snacks planned for today (and the next few days)? And have you ACTUALLY allocated enough time to prepare them?

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2.Healthy food doesn’t have to be hard:-

Be kind to yourself and create meals that are both easy and healthy. Whilst making dinner, consider bulk cooking: chicken is my absolute favourite – easy to prepare, it goes a long way and can last 3 days in the fridge. Put on some extra broccoli and green veggies so it’s ready and waiting for you at lunch time. Tuna is a great cupboard essential. Other great foods include smoked fish, boiled eggs, prawns and avocados – yumminess in no time!

3. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full up:-

Simple, no? Become more aware of what you’re eating. Sometimes we eat like we’re on autopilot and are not really conscious of what we’ve ingested. Learn to stop yourself when reaching for the cookie jar or opening the fridge. Ask yourself why you’re doing this? Is it because your toddler is having a meltdown? Is it because you’re bored (Peppa Pig on repeat!)? Is it going to help or hinder progress towards your goal? Now, do you still want it?

4.Stop for pause & reflection:-

Sometimes it feels as though there are simply too many things to do in a day. Taking a moment to pause and reflect. Taking the time to do some deep breathing and realign with your goals is a brilliant way to help you to be the healthiest, happiest you.

5.Snacking at night:-

Watch out for the 8 o’clock munchies. This is a common time to pick at food, treats, nibbles, especially if you’ve had an early dinner with your child! Try distracting yourself by going upstairs to read a book, making a herbal tea, or if that doesn’t work, I’ll simply brush my teeth.

6.Training matters:-

Here’s a universal truth: for it to be effective, exercise has to be: regular, challenging and consistent. Ideally, try to fit in 3-4 sessions per week. Challenge yourself to shift those pounds by choosing an activity that makes you sweat and pushes those muscles. Develop and upgrade your training over time to make sure that you keep challenging your body. And don’t give up! Despite the fitness fads promising a new body in 28 days, the truth is that an exercise regime needs consistent application over time to deliver lasting results.

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7.Make it fit with you:-

The key to success is your own enjoyment! There are many exercises to choose from. But make sure you choose an exercise regime that you enjoy, at least most of the time! Running is a cheap and accessible exercise which starts as soon as you leave the house. But if you’re more of a dancer at heart then find your local zumba class. No childcare tonight? Then throw some serious shapes when you hear your favourite song on the radio, de-stress and have some fun!

8.Weight training:-

Weight training is a highly effective way to keep strong and build muscles. Studies show that women start losing 1% of their muscle mass from age 30. This muscle loss is bad news because it means a slowing in the body’s resting metabolic rate, causing us to pack on fat through the years. The other reason it’s bad news is becoming evident in care homes – a common reason for the elderly to require admission into a home is that they are physically unable to do daily tasks such as dress, wash and use the toilet without assistance. In many cases, these mobility issues are directly related to weakened muscles. It might seem a long way away but remember, for most of us (aged 30+) the muscle loss has already started! While we can’t completely halt this aging process, we can do a lot to slow it down through resistance or weight training!


Chances are, you need more sleep! Lack of good sleep is associated with reductions in leptin (the hormone that suppresses appetite) and elevations in ghrelin (the appetite stimulant). It is associated with increased hunger and cravings, especially an appetite for foods with high-carbohydrate contents. How to get more sleep? I found I was wasting precious sleep time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and so on. So I installed a timelock app, which is too much hassle to by-pass! If you’ve got little ones (or not so little ones) who still awake in the night, try to agree with your OH to have a ‘night off’ from time to time. A good night even once a week will have massive benefits in regulating your hormone levels.

10. Support & accountability:-

Extend your support network! One of the key elements in successfully losing weight is to have someone to support you and hold you accountable to your goals. This could be your best friend or your partner, or a coach. Or you can get on over to my Fitness for Mums group, over on Facebook. You will chat with lots of women in similar positions. You’ll get helpful tips and support from me and other like-minded women who know exactly what you’re going through.

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy 2016!

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