10 Clever Things You Can Do With Paperclips

A fun blog this week. We’ve pulled together 10 perfect hacks for the everyday paperclip. Click on the Image or link for more info…

#1 Pit A Cherry

From TheKitchn

#2 Make A Bracelet

From Hip2Save

#3 Make A Phone Stand

Video from eHow on Youtube

#4 Repair A Broken Zip

From MrGear via You Tube

#5 Alter Your Bra

From One Crazy House

#6 Put A Bracelet On

From One Crazy House

#7 Never Loose The End Of Tape

From Citibase

#8 Make Mini Flags

from lauraimurray.com

#9 Make A Mini Dolls Clothes Coat Hanger

from Instructables.com

#10 Keep Wrapping Paper Rolled Up

from onegoodthingbyjillee